Services Offered

Artistic Ornamental Supply of Miami offers a wide range of services for both contractor and end users. Our goal is to be a one stop whop for all your metal needs.

Pipe & Channel Bending

We use electric manual rotary tube and pipe bender to produce your parts economically. The set up is quick and repeatable, accurate parts are easy to achieve and short run economy is easily achievable.We can bend your hand rails, pipe ladders and other parts to eliminate welding and grinding elbows saving enormous costs and shortening lead times dramatically while providing better looking parts.

Metal Shearing

We utilize a full line of metal products to meet the needs of our Customers. Whatever your metal processing project requires. In the rare case that we cannot meet your specialty needs, we will help you find a source that will. Our commitment to our Customers and potential Customers is to fulfill your requirements or help you locate a resource that will. At Artistic Ornamental Supply you will find all leading metal products and shearing services that will deliver cutting edge products to your business.

Metal Bending

Bending is a manufacturing process by which metal can be deformed by plastically deforming the material and changing its shape. The material is stressed beyond its yield strength but below its ultimate tensile strength. There is little change to the material surface area. Bending generally refers to the deformation about one axis only.

Bending is a flexible process by which a variety of different shapes can be produced though the use of standard die sets or bend brakes. the material is placed on the die, and positioned in place with stops and/or gauges. It is held in place with hold downs. The upper part of the press, the ram with the appropriate shaped punch descends and forms the v-shaped bend.


Aluminum Channel Punching

  • Aluminum is great for incorporating into weight sensitive applications, such as this one.
  • Environmentally friendly aluminum is the only recyclable material that more than pays for it’s own costs!
  • Recycling aluminum into new forms only requires 5% of the energy that originally produced it.
  • All manufactured aluminum is effectively a stored energy bank for future generations.
  • Aluminum is only 1/3rd the weight of steel.
  • Aluminum surface has a self generating and repairing oxide coating which makes it corrosion resistant and therefore less expensive to maintain than steel and other corrodible metals.